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AC Service Agreements: Our "No Problema Plan"

Lower Your Chances of Air Conditioning System Breakdowns!

Keep Your AC Running Smooth & Save Energy!

Join The “No Problema” Plan Today!

No Problema Plan

Costs just $115 one-time

per year, per system! 



Preventive maintenance

2 Free Diagnostic trips to your home per year

AC System analysis & diagnostics

Maintenance for energy savings 

Discounts on select services

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The “No Problema Plan” is Better Than ANY Home Warranty because it prevents problems and lowers the chances of  a breakdown of your home’s Air Conditioning & Heating System!

Heating and cooling systems have a way of breaking down when the weather is at its worst; on the coldest day of a frigid winter, or during a sizzling 100 degree summer heat wave; times when your comfort system must work the hardest, when you need it most!

Regular check-ups will help to maximize the life expectancy of your system; unfortunately, even the best maintenance won’t prevent normal wear and tear however it can reduce the odds of a breakdown!

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What’s Included Our “No Problema” Plan:

Air Conditioner Performance Tune Up

  1. Clean condenser coil
  2. Inspect evaporator coil if accessible
  3. Inspect filtration system
  4. Adjust blower components
  5. Lubricate moving parts
  6. Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  7. Tighten electrical components
  8. Test starting capabilities
  9. Test condensate pump
  10. Measure air temperature differential
  11. Monitor refrigerant pressure
  12. Measure amperage and voltage

Heat Pump Performance Tune Up

  1. Clean condenser coil
  2. Check defrost controls
  3. Inspect filtration system
  4. Inspect auxiliary heaters
  5. Adjust blower components
  6. Lubricate moving parts
  7. Inspect for refrigerant leaks
  8. Tighten electrical components
  9. Test starting capabilities
  10. Test condensate pump
  11. Measure air temperature differential
  12. Monitor refrigerant pressure
  13. Measure amperage and voltage

Performance Air Handler Tune Up

  1. Inspect evaporator coil
  2. Inspect filtration system
  3. Adjust blower components
  4. Lubricate moving parts
  5. Test and inspect  safety controls
  6. Tighten electrical components
  7. Calibrate thermostat
  8. Inspect humidification system
  9. Inspect electrical heating elements
  10. Check condensate pump if applicable
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