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Yard Leaks

Got a yard leak in San Antonio and it’s NOT your sprinkler system?

No Problema! Our expert plumbers can repair any leak in your yard, even if we have to tunnel under your foundation to repair it! Call us today!

Yard leaks are pretty common in San Antonio. And there are a few different reasons why yard leaks happen.

What are the signs of a yard leak in San Antonio?

Spots of grass that’s growing much faster than the rest of the grass, you might have a yard leak! (see photo)

Trees Can Be The “Root” of the Problem!

First of all, a plumbing leak under the ground in your yard can happen in older neighborhoods – especially where there are lots of trees. why you ask? Large trees have powerful roots that are always seeking water.  Those roots can crush underground plumbing quite easily and cause a yard leak.

Driving Heavy Vehicles, Cars, Trucks or RV’s Over Your Yard Can Cause a Yard Leak!

If you drive any heavy vehicle over your yard, especially when the ground is moist, the weight of the vehicle can crush underground pipes and cause a yard leak. It’s good practice to mark underground pipes before you drive vehicles onto your yard and avoid those areas if possible.

Digging Is Another Top Cause of Yard Leaks!

If you’re digging a hole, for a tree or a shrub, it’s also a best practice to mark underground pipes just to make sure that you don’t dig into your main water supply line. 

If you have a Yard Leak, Call Air & Plumbing Today for a free estimate today at 210-519-5959.


Air & Plumbing Today can tackle any yard leak FAST! We have expert plumbers ready to respond fast.  Call or text us now for a free estimate!

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