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Air Ventilators Installed in San Antonio


Air & Plumbing Today in San Antonio Texas installs air ventilators for any home of business and our rates are very competitive. A ventilator is a device that replaces the stale, recirculated air inside your home with fresh, filtered outdoor air.

How to know if your home requires an air ventilator
There are several reasons to consider an air ventilator or ventilation system for your home. For instance, your indoor air may feel stale and stuffy, which is often the case with today’s tightly constructed homes. There’s a recent trend with homeowners installing spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation is an advancement that’s great for energy efficiency, but not so good for indoor air quality. This is because spray foam insulation works TOO well, meaning that it seals your home so well, it doesn’t allow for fresh air to circulate inside your home or business. For example, if you have an attached garage and your home has spray foam insulation, contaminants such as car fumes can leak into your home’s air if not properly ventilated. This is exactly why air ventilators play an important role with your home’s air quality.

What are the benefits of home ventilation systems
Installing a ventilation system can not only make your home feel less stuffy, but also expel allergy-aggravating pollutants along with stale indoor air. And since they transfer moisture and energy from outgoing air to the incoming fresh air, ventilators help reduce heating and cooling costs while keeping humidity levels in check.

Air Ventilator
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