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We clean dryer vents in San Antonio

House Fires Caused by Dryer Vent lint Buildup:

Air & Plumbing Today offers dryer vent cleaning services in San Antonio Texas.

According to research conducted by The National Fire Protection Association, In 2014-2018, local fire departments across the United States of America responded to an estimated average of 13,820 home structure fires per year in which dryers were involved in the ignition. These fires caused an average of seven civilian deaths, 344 civilian injuries, and $233 million in direct property damage every year.

Overall, laundry dryers caused 4 percent of home structure fires, about 1 percent of home fire deaths, and 3 percent of home fire deaths as well as direct fire property damage.
One-third (32 percent) of dryer fires were caused by a failure to clean the dryer vent by evidence of lint build-up, and the research also noted that 27 percent of dryer fires started when dust, fiber or lint ignited as it backed up into the dryer’s heating element.

Seventy-eight percent of the dryers involved in home fires were powered by electricity while
22% were powered by gas. A simple dryer vent cleaning could have prevented these fires.

Let our team of professional technicians give you a free estimate on dryer vent cleaning today and we’ll also be happy to give you a free estimate on air duct cleaning services too! Call our office staff today at 210-519-5959.

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