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Slab Leaks

Got a slab leak in San Antonio?

No Problema! Our expert plumbers can repair any slab leak, even if we have to tunnel under your foundation to repair it! Call us today!

There are so many things that can cause a slab leak in your home in San Antonio.

Slab leaks are leaks that happen underneath the foundation of your home. There’s many things that can cause this to happen such as your home’s foundation shifting or moving.  Any movement in your home’s concrete foundation can cause the plumbing underneath it to snap like a twig.   A slab leak is a leak from the water supply main line under your home, not a break in your DRAIN line – that is a different type of plumbing problem.

Here are the signs of a possible slab leak in San Antonio:

First, try walking around your home barefoot to find some possible clues as to where the water lines are leaking. There are several signs that indicate a possible slab leak, including:

  • Water spots on the floor, whether hardwood floors, laminate flooring or seeing water spots on the lowest parts of your wall’s drywall, including mildew or moldy spots
  • Moist spots on the floor or puddles on the floor (the most obvious sign)
  • An abnormally high water bill as compared to your normal bill
  • The sound of rushing water underneath the floor – try lying down and putting your ear against the floor and listen for it
  • Lower water pressure than normal from your plumbing system such as faucets, hot water and cold water lines, when running water
  • You’re able to see water flowing outside of your home close to the foundation

If you’re seeing any of these signs,

Call for a free estimate today at 210-519-5959.


Air & Plumbing Today can tackle any slab leak FAST! We have expert plumbers ready to respond.  Call or text us now for a free estimate!

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