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How to deal with low water pressure in San Antonio

Here’s how to deal with low water pressure in San Antonio.

How to Deal with Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Water pressure issues can significantly affect the daily routines of homeowners. From lingering leaks to supply issues, various factors could contribute to this problem. This article aims to guide homeowners through possible causes of low water pressure and potential solutions to alleviate the issue.

1. Hidden Leaks can cause a drop in water pressure
One of the main culprits of decreasing water pressure is leaky pipes – leaks that are hidden. These could be a leak in your slab, a yard leak, a leak in your water heater or even a wall leak. Over time, these hidden leaks can subtly decrease the pressure, especially in older homes. With galvanized pipes typically used in older home construction, the chances of weakening and breakage are higher. In contrast, newer homes built with PVC, pex, or copper pipes are less prone to these types of leaks.

Try a quick DIY Leak Test:
You can conduct a simple leak test by turning off the main water supply and monitoring your water meter. If the water meter continues to record usage even with the main water off, it suggests a leak somewhere in the system. Significant pressure drops might hint at a substantial leak, demanding immediate attention from a professional plumber with Air & Plumbing Today.

2. Check Your Water Source
The origin of your water supply can influence your water pressure. Households connected to municipal water systems should contact their utility company if facing pressure issues to determine if it’s a widespread problem. On the other hand, homes sourcing water from a well could have pressure issues stemming from a malfunctioning pump.

3. Check Your SAWS Water Main Valve
Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions can solve the most common problems. Your water main valve might be only half-open, inadvertently limiting the pressure. By fully opening this valve, you could potentially restore your home’s water pressure instantly. This can happen if you’ve recently had some repairs and the water main was turned off – perhaps the plumber didn’t open your water main valve all the way back up?
4. San Antonio water is very hard – Soften the Water in Your Home
Since San Antonio’s water comes from the Edwards Aquifer, our water is ‘hard,’ and it’s laden with minerals and sediments, which can accumulate in pipes, faucets, appliances and fixtures, reducing water flow and reducing pressure. Get a water softener and many of your plumbing problems will resolve before your very eyes!

5. We can install a pressure booster to help with Low Water Pressure
When simpler solutions don’t suffice, a more advanced approach might be best. Installing a water pressure booster can enhance the water’s force, especially if there are issues related to gravity or distance from the source. It’s advisable to consult with a local Air & plumbing Today plumber to determine if this is the best option for your home.
6. Did you recently make an addition to your home or have something remodeled?
Sometimes, the root of low water pressure problems lie in the size of the pipes used during construction or renovation. If your pipes are too narrow for the fixtures, it becomes a supply issue rather than a pressure problem. This mismatch is often identified during home renovations when homeowners add new fixtures or change existing ones. In such cases, consult with a professional plumber to ensure that your pipes are adequately sized for the fixtures you have.

Air & Plumbing Today can help you deal with low water pressure in your home in San Antonio TX.

Low water pressure can be more than just a minor inconvenience. It can hint at more severe underlying issues. By following the steps and suggestions outlined above, homeowners can better understand the causes of their water pressure problems and find effective solutions. Always remember that while DIY fixes can be helpful, certain issues are best left to professionals to ensure safety and longevity. If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your home, call the friendly plumbers at Air & Plumbing Today! Let our famila help your familia with no diagnostic fees and free estimates 7 days a week! Call us now at 210-519-5959.


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