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Suffering from allergies or asthma? Solaris Whole Home Air Purification Systems Can Help!

Suffering from allergies or asthma? A Solaris Whole Home Air Purification System can help.

The Impact of Allergies on Families in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, Texas, dubbed the “Alamo City,” is renowned for its rich history, the bustling Riverwalk, and, unfortunately, allergies. Recent reports from 2023 reveal the magnitude of seasonal allergies across Texas, particularly for families with children who suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma.  Many families rely too much on OTC allergy medications when the solution is actually improving their home’s INDOOR air quality.

Here are the facts for families who suffer from allergies and asthma in San Antonio Texas:

Allergy Prevalence: San Antonio ranks high among U.S. cities for pollen count. The city’s mix of grass, trees, and flowering plants means multiple allergy seasons throughout the year, especially during the spring when Mountain Cedar trees are pollenating.

If there is any type of road construuction around your home, these construction sites push into the air an enormous amount of dust, particles, chemicals, paint particles, diesel exhaust and more. These particles get into your home and accumulate over time.

Seasonal Allergy Impacts on Children: Children, with their developing immune systems, are particularly susceptible to allergies and asthma. Most of the recent reports detail the rising number of pediatric visits due to allergies and asthma. These incidents can interrupt schooling, sports, and social activities, leading to a decreased quality of life for entire families.

Economic Burden: Beyond health concerns, allergies bring about a considerable economic burden. Direct medical costs, missed school days, and workdays add up, making allergies not just a health but also a financial concern for many San Antonio families. Costs of medical doctor visits, costs of prescription medications and even ER visits can add up quickly becoming a financial burden on families.

The elephant in the room: INDOOR Air Quality. Air quality in the majority of San Antonio homes is poor and it’s widely ignored.  When families suffer, they often overlook the air quality inside their home and it’s the most common trigger for allergies and asthma attacks. They often blame outdoor air, pollen, etc. But the air inside homes is often the hidden cause. Which homes are most likely to have poor indoor air quality:

  • Houses with pets
  • Houses with carpeting
  • Houses that have older HVAC units
  • Houses that have never had air duct cleaning
  • Houses with family members who smoke – even if they smoke outside

For those who are battling these sneezing bouts, itching eyes, or asthma flare-ups due to San Antonio’s season changes and the most ignored cause – INDOOR air quality, there’s a solution. Enter Solaris Indoor Whole Home Air Purification systems.

Why Consider a Solaris Whole Home Indoor Air Purification System?

Solaris Indoor Air Purification systems are engineered to tackle allergens, airborne pollen and even viruses and bacteria effectively. Their state-of-the-art technology not only cleans the air but also ensures that the air within homes remains fresh, reducing the chances of allergy and asthma flare-ups. For families, especially those with children, investing in such a system could translate to fewer doctor visits, less missed school days, and an overall improved quality of life.

How Solaris Air Purification Systems work for allergies and asthma:

  1. These systems are built into your homes existing central air conditioning system and require very little maintenance. 
  2. They use a series of high-performance air filters to capture particles of pollen, pet dander, dust, microscopic skin particles, outside contaminants that come in on your clothes when you walk into your home from the outside world.
  3. Solaris systems use UV lights that kill bacteria and viruses that typically flow freely in regular air conditioning systems.
  4. These systems also change the electrical polarization in the air, preventing air from carrying particles such as dust or pollen.
  5. Solaris Air Purification Systems work quietly in the background to constantly clean the air to help alleviate allergies and asthma

Air & Plumbing Today: Your Go-To for allergy and asthma relief in San Antonio

For families in San Antonio considering taking the leap to breathe easier, Air & Plumbing Today is the best option. Not only do they specialize in the Solaris Indoor Air Purification systems, but they also prioritize their customers by offering:

  • Free Estimates: Before committing, residents can avail a free in-home estimate to understand the scope and benefits of installing the system.
  • Financing Options: Financial constraints shouldn’t come in the way of your family’s health. Recognizing this, Air & Plumbing Today provides favorable financing options, making the systems accessible to more families.

For those who are ready to say goodbye to relentless allergies and usher in a breath of fresh air, reaching out is as simple as dialing 210-519-5959. A better, allergen-free future for San Antonio families could be just one call away.

In collaboration with health and wellness, always prioritize getting professional medical advice from your doctor and consider various options before making health-related decisions for your family.

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