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How Air Conditioning System Warranties Work

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Air Conditioning System Warranties

As the temperatures rise, air conditioning systems become increasingly crucial in maintaining comfort in homes and offices. Purchasing a new air conditioning system is a significant investment, and understanding the warranty that comes with it is paramount. Warranties provide protection against costs that may arise due to system failures or malfunctions. This article dives into the different types of warranties associated with air conditioning systems, specifically focusing on parts warranties and labor warranties.

Parts Warranties
A parts warranty ensures that if any component of the air conditioning system fails due to manufacturer defects within a specific period, the manufacturer will replace the part at no cost. Most reputable manufacturers, such as Trane, Comfortmaker, and Goodman, offer parts warranties that can range from 5 to 10 years. These warranties typically cover the cost of the parts but not the labor cost of the repair.

Questions to Ask About Parts Warranties

  • What parts are covered under the warranty?
  • How long does the parts warranty last?
  • Does the warranty cover all costs, or will there be additional charges for shipping or
  • handling?
  • What are the requirements for keeping the warranty valid (e.g., regular maintenance)?
  • What are the steps to claim the warranty if a part fails?

Labor Warranties
While the parts warranty covers the cost of the parts, a labor warranty covers the cost of the labor involved in repairing or replacing the failed parts. Labor warranties are usually offered by the installation company and are separate from the parts warranty. A labor warranty can be a lifesaver when you consider the high cost of professional HVAC service.

Questions to Ask About Labor Warranties

  • How long does the labor warranty last?
  • What labor costs are covered under the warranty?
  • Does the warranty cover labor for both repairs and replacements?
  • Are there any circumstances in which the labor warranty would not apply?
  • What is the process to claim the labor warranty?

Warranty Transfer Process and Home Sales
Another essential aspect to consider is what happens to the warranty when the house is sold. Many manufacturers allow for the transfer of the warranty to a new owner, making the AC system more attractive to potential buyers. However, the transfer process varies among manufacturers and may require specific steps to be completed within a certain timeframe after the sale.

Questions to Ask About Warranty Transfer

  • Is the warranty transferable if the house is sold?
  • What is the process to transfer the warranty to the new owner?
  • Are there any fees associated with transferring the warranty?
  • What happens to the warranty if it isn’t transferred within the specified timeframe?

Choosing a Reputable Company
Choosing a reputable company to purchase and install your air conditioning system is crucial. A reputable company like Air & Plumbing Today not only ensures quality products and installation but also offers excellent warranties. They make the process of getting a new air conditioning system “no problema” with their competitive prices and excellent warranties. You can call them at 210-519-5959 for a free estimate.

Remember, the warranty is as good as the company standing behind it. Therefore, choosing a company with a solid reputation and excellent customer service will give you peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong with your AC system, you are covered.

In conclusion, understanding the different types of air conditioning warranties, asking the right questions, and choosing a reputable company can save you stress and money in the long run. It’s not just about buying an air conditioning system; it’s about investing in your comfort and peace of mind.

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