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Should I buy a new Mini Split AC System or a Regular HVAC System?

Need a new AC unit? Should I buy a mini split A system or a regular HVAC system!

The world of air conditioning has seen a plethora of innovations over the years. From the classic central air conditioning units to the sleek mini split HVAC systems, homeowners are now faced with more choices than ever. Both offer unique benefits, and at first glance, the decision may seem like a tie. However, when you factor in warranties and parts availability, the scales might tip in favor of one over the other. Let’s break down the benefits of each to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Mini Split HVAC Systems
Flexibility: Unlike central air systems, mini splits can cool or heat specific rooms, reducing energy usage in spaces that are not in use.
Energy Efficient: These systems generally consume less power, leading to potential savings on energy bills.
Easy Installation: Mini splits don’t require ductwork, making the installation process quicker and less invasive.
Quiet Operation: Mini splits tend to be quieter than traditional central ACs, providing a more peaceful indoor environment.
Sleek Design: With their modern aesthetics, mini splits can blend more seamlessly into your home’s decor.

Benefits of Regular Central Air Conditioning Systems
Consistent Cooling: Central air units offer even and consistent cooling throughout the entire house.
Increased Home Value: A fully integrated central AC system can increase the resale value of your home.
Air Filtration: These systems can be fitted with optional advanced air purification options that can improve indoor air quality big time!  Mini-splits don’t have these add-ons just yet.
Tried and Tested: Central ACs have been around for years, meaning they have a proven track record.
Comprehensive Warranty and Parts Availability: Central air conditioning units typically come with robust warranties. Moreover, due to their longstanding presence in the market, parts for central ACs are widely available.

The Warranty Factor
While both systems have their merits, the aspect of warranty and parts availability can be a game-changer. Central Air Conditioning units often come with more comprehensive warranties and better parts availability. If you’re considering a mini split, keep in mind that since they are relatively new to the market, obtaining parts for warranty repairs might take longer. This means if your unit needs a fix, you might be left waiting for a bit.

Why Choose Air & Plumbing Today?
If you’re in the San Antonio area and on the fence about which system is right for you, Air & Plumbing Today is here to assist. Known for providing unbeatable deals on new AC systems, we pride ourselves on our hassle-free warranty repair process. For a free estimate or to discuss your cooling needs, give us a call at 210-519-5959. We’re here to ensure you make the best decision for your home.


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