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Why The Cheapest New Air Conditioning System is a Bad Idea

Why the cheapest new air conditioning system is a bad idea.

The Cheapest AC Systems Really Cost You More Money in the long run.

We got a call this week from a home owner who just got a new AC system installed with a different AC company just 2 years ago – and his new system can’t keep his home cool enough when the temps are in the high 90’s. He fell for one of those cheap system deals and he’s just now starting to regret it, Are you thinking it’s time to look into replacing your older air conditioner or heat pump? There are a lot of offers out there in San Antonio such as “NEW AC SYSTEMS STARTING AT JUST $5,995.” But before you jump on that offer, you must understand the “red flags” that come with an offer like that. It’s easy to look at the prices and assume you can find a cheaper HVAC system, but hold that thought before you make a decision. HVAC is a completely different animal and one size certainly does NOT fit all. Imagine if you found a store selling brand new Nike shoes for only $4.95…. but they only sold them in size 13. You probably wouldn’t buy them if you’re a size 9 because you’d literally be “trippin” all over the place with those ridiculously big shoes! It’s the same thing for your home’s AC system. The wrong Air Conditioning system will cause you all kinds of problems over the years that will definitely cost you more money!  Here’s how…

More Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs

If you buy a system that’s too small for your home, just to get the cheap price, you could be paying the price in the form of more breakdowns and repairs. You might also find yourself not being able to cool your home down to the temperature you want. We personally met a man in Helotes Texas, close to San Antonio TX who bought a new Air Conditioning System for his 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. He purchased it in the spring season and during that time, the average air temperature outside was in the 80’s and the new AC system cooled his home perfectly. When summer hit and the average temperatures increased to the high 90’s, his new air conditioner wasn’t able to get his home below 83 degrees even though he ran it 24 hours a day! As a consequense, his AC unit broke down every three months due to the strain on the system. That low price certainly wasn’t worth being hot while sleeping, high electric bills plus AC repair bills too!
Less Efficient Heating and Cooling
A low priced, improperly sized HVAC system will not heat up or cool down a home as efficiently, reliably, or evenly as much as a recent model. Why spend so much on something that’s only going to fail to meet your needs, time and again?
Another factor that applies to this point is the SEER – Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. At this point, it’s very unlikely you’ll find HVAC without a 16 SEER, or one that won’t have a bad effect on your electric bill. Even if you get lucky and experience less break downs, you’ll still pay a lot more on your CPS bill with a cheap, improperly-sized AC unit.

Shorter AC System Lifespans

Not only is a cheap system a danger to your wallet, energy bills and your stress level, but realize that a cheap undersized AC System will not last long. That 10-20 year lifespan you’re hoping for with a cheaper Air Conditioning System is a wish that will go unfulfilled. Instead, your cheaper HVAC will not last nearly that long. Cheap systems are made with cheap parts. Stack on the fact that your new cheap system will be running 24-7 and you should just save your AC repair company on your phone’s contacts. Cheap AC Systems Will Cost You More Money In The Long Run and it’s proven.
Not only will you have to pay the same amount it costs for an efficient system, but also you will have to pay more for the frequent repairs and the parts your cheap system requires that are discontinued. You’ll also have to pay your technician several times as opposed to only a few when it’s time for an inspection. Again, why would you consider buying a low-priced HVAC system that’s only going to cost you more down the road? All these extra costs will add up to an even more unaffordable rate, and then you’re stuck with a system you can’t sell off—you can only get rid of it and pay more by needing a replacement. This discussion forum is a real discussion with AC pros and a homeowner expressing his frustrations with a cheap AC system that isn’t the proper size for his home. Read it and you’ll see what it’s like to own a cheap AC system:

No Long-term Benefits

Investing in a cheaper system is not as beneficial as you may think. The electricity required is double that of the more efficient systems, there’s likely to be more leaks that harm your home and air quality, and you won’t efficient operation while heating or cooling your home anyway. Put all this together and you’re looking at a way more expensive problem you just don’t want. Instead of feeling the long-term benefits of newer HVAC such as lowered energy bills and staying comfortable all the while, you’ll be dealing with constant struggle.

If you need a new AC system, call Air & Plumbing Today at 210-519-5959 or you can text us for an estimate on a new HVAC system for your home at 210-863-7188. Our AC pros will give you many affordable options for a newly installed Central Air Conditioning System for your home that will perform well, save you money on your CPS bill, last you a long time and provide you the comfort you and your family need.

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